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  Connects Any Serial Device Located Anywhere in the World

With IEI industrial intelligent solution, you can network-enable your devices anywhere in the world and integrate them into the enterprise. The critical information, including operational status, diagnostics, service requirements and alarm etc., can be accessed  through network anytime. You also can monitor and control the devices and automation processes easily, fast and securely from your office, hotel room or at any location of your choice.

The IEI M2M concept is a powerful turnkey solution that is scalable from a few devices to many thousands of devices. The concept includes data collectors (IEI products), peripheral devices and central servers. As shown in the diagram below, the data collectors connect to various peripheral devices to collect and transfer data to a central server. The central server then offers different interfaces, such as databases or web portals, to the users for data acquisition and monitoring.

The data collector is fully open and can take advantage of existing infrastructure like Wire LAN , GSM, GPRS, Internet, Satellite etc. As the data collector is based on open components, customers are not dependent on IEI to perform modifications or additions of functionality.


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